Distressed Leather Journal with Burned Edge Paper 6"x9"

$37.98 USD

✔️ BEAUTIFULLY HANDCRAFTED by Artisans. Premium full-grain distressed leather that looks, smells and feels beautiful. This gorgeous leather will age with character and create its own distinct patina. A lifelong companion on all your journeys.

✔️ HANDMADE PAPER - BURNED EDGE Vintage Paper - 200 pages of off-white, 125gsm recycled cotton that is acid-free, chemical-free and tree-free. This blank paper has a distinctively awesome BURNED edge to the paper.

✔️ESCAPE with your Wanderings leather bound journal and create your own adventure. Makes a great leather writing notebook, diary journal, grimoire or spellbook. Write, dream, draw, or even cast a spell - create your own story. 6x9" and 200 pages / 100 sheets (NON-REFILLABLE) is the perfect size rustic journal and a makes great travel companion.

✔️ STYLISHLY ANCIENT - Old fashioned cotton paper combined with the beauty of a distressed leather, hand stitched by Artisans, creates a keepsake you will cherish forever. Makes a great gift for the men, women, and wiccans in your life!