Growing up in the Pacific Northwest taught us to appreciate nature, get outdoors, and complain vigorously about the rain. Seeking less soggy sojourns, we headed South.

One journey became many, and a single destination became a string of experiences that would change our lives forever.

Having returned to our desk jobs and lattes, we wondered, did the journey ever actually end?

The land of surf, storms, and seals

So if airfare isn’t required, we asked ourselves, how do we make the most of the day today?

Googling it provided no concrete answers

But strangely, picking up a pen and writing words on paper, real, physical, words.
It helped make everything a little clearer.

Putting pen to paper

All the sudden
An addiction to notebooks, pens, and everything else that helped plan,
organize, record, and remember our adventures seemed to have
sprung to life.

It started with the humble offering of The Wanderings Notebook to the genre.
Our shot at a life that is more adventurous, contemplative, and fun.

We welcome you to join us on our journey.

Happy Wanderings!