Leather Remnants for Leather Crafts Assorted

$26.95 USD

 ✔️ High quality full-grain, vegetable tanned, 100% genuine leather remnants that look, smell, and feel beautiful. These crazy horse style buffalo hide leather pieces will age with character.

✔️ 3lbs of leather offcuts is lot, but EXPECT BLEMISHES. Some pieces will not be perfect but there is enough in each 3lb pack to yield a lot of options. Expect

✔️ These leather scraps are left over after creating a Wanderings Journal. Expect the colour to be mixed - black, green, red, brown but the colors vary. Approximately 1.5mm in thickness. The sizes and shapes are completely random.

✔️ CREATE lifelong keepsakes with our gorgeous, thick, real leather - ideal for leather crafts, cricut, leather accessories, stamping, carving and much more. You are limited only by your imagination!

✔️ As a Bonus, the included durable 36” leather cord is ideal for creating cool jewelry like earrings and bracelets, chokers, and clothing decorations - whatever you fancy! The possibilites are endless.